The idea for this ongoing project came from a TED talk by Kio Stark in which she explains how our lives can be enriched by talking to people we don’t know.
I decided to turn this into a photographic project, with fascinating results.


My thanks to all the people who talked to me, and who agreed to be photographed – it has been a great pleasure. This is a continuing project, which will eventually be an exhibition.

I met several people while cycling along the Canal du Midi in Toulouse

An african lady who told me she was too ugly to be photographed, but then decided I could take her picture if she covered her face with her hands.

Two fishermen who told me about the fish in the canal.

Rosemary, a travelling musician from Melbourne, Australia, who was singing and composing music on a bench near the canal, and who told me how much she liked Toulouse because of all the old buildings here.

In the little village of St Sernin, in the Aveyron, I met this old lady. She was missing a few teeth, and was so hard of hearing, she didn’t hear anything I said, but she was happy to talk to me for a while, until she told me she had to go, because “I have some old folks I have to take care of”.

A beggar with a cat in the centre of Toulouse, who insisted he was ``Bulgarian``

In Toulouse I met two Jehovah’s Witnesses. I asked them why their leaflets were written in Italian, and they told me that there were many Italian people in France that they were hoping to reach, and they told me where I could find their leaflets in English.

I met two beggars in Toulouse. The Dignified Beggar, with his card, who said, “You can give me some money if you want”,

and the Polish Poet, who told me about his bohemian life travelling around Europe.

The German cyclist, who asked me if he was going in the right direction for Carcassonne. I told him he was, but that it was a long way. He told me that he had already travelled a long way – from Hamburg, in Germany, with his bicycle, his tent and his dog.

A young skater who demonstrated how he skates on one leg with one foot in the air.